The BSCI label explained

Sustainability and social responsibility go hand in hand. We therefore only work with producers and suppliers who meet the BSCI standards. With these collaborations we guarantee that our products are made in factories with respectful working conditions.

But what is the BSCI and what does it stand for?

BSCI stands for Business Social Compliance Initiative and aims to improve working conditions. This includes the following: the right to form a trade union, safe working conditions and no forced or child labor.

BSCI was founded in 2002 by the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) and is a common platform for the various codes of conduct of companies. It also lays the foundation for a common monitoring system and compliance.

Originally, the BSCI initiative was intended for companies in the textile industry. Later this was expanded so that makers of other consumer products could also participate. Thus, in 2007, the agricultural sector was also added. BSCI can therefore be applied to both industrial and food production.

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