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Dreamzone Premium Duo 10.0 Sleeping Mat | Forest Green


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Would you like to sleep as well as you do at home when travelling with a companion? You can do so with the NOMAD® Dreamzone Premium Duo 10.0! This double mat is...

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About this product


Would you like to sleep as well as you do at home when travelling with a companion? You can do so with the NOMAD® Dreamzone Premium Duo 10.0! This double mat is 10 cm thick, and is the perfect choice for ultimate comfort on camping trips or sleepover parties at home.

Benefits of the Dreamzone Premium Duo 10.0 Sleeping Mat:

  • Wide sleeping surface that comfortably fits two persons
  • Mattress shape, with vertical sides to make optimal use of the sleeping surface
  • 10 cm thick, soft foam with high insulation value
  • Soft touch stretch surface that forms to the body and provides excellent support
  • Self-inflating mat, with two large multifunctional valves for easy inflation and deflation
  • PFC-free treatment that naturally makes the mat water repellent
  • Stuffsack with a pump function, to aid with inflating
  • Including a repair kit

The ultimate double sleeping mat for camping and sleepovers

The Dreamzone Premium Duo 10.0 is a box-model sleeping mat, meaning it has perpendicular side walls. As a result, the sleeping surface of 198 x 150 cm can be fully used, and a second sleeping mat can easily be placed alongside for an 'edge to edge' sleeping experience. The width of 150 cm is comparable to the width of a normal double mattress; this is a feature that you will only find at NOMAD. It also functions very well as a guest bed!

Ultimate comfort with 10 cm of high density foam

The upper surface of the mat is made from a soft and elastic polyester fabric that follows the contours of your body, providing support throughout. The advantage of this fabric for a double mat is that it prevents sleepers rolling into one another, or disturbance when turning, as is often the case with a double air mattress, for example. The underside of the mat has an anti-slip surface to prevent the mat from sliding about, also useful if you happen to be lying on a slope. The mat is water-repellent in keeping with a nature-friendly (PFC-free) process.

The soft, 10 cm thick layer of high-density foam inside the mat adds to the outstanding comfort of the Dreamzone Premium Duo 10.0. The density of the foam also ensures effective insulation, essential on chillier nights, as it prevents the rising cold of the ground from penetrating the mat. The foam is not solid, but contains horizontal perforations, or ‘air cores’, which make for a significant saving on weight and packed size, as well as enhancing comfort. The foam also benefits from an anti-fungal treatment which prevents the formation of moulds.

This mat comes with two valves (rather than one) for easy inflation and deflation. Both valves can be used to deflate the mat quickly, but you can also use just one valve to adjust the firmness of the mat by blowing more air in or letting some out. Each valve has three positions: closed, semi-closed or open. The valves can easily be moved to the required position using just your fingers.

Once the mat is rolled up, it can be compacted using the compression straps supplied and is easy to take with you in its multifunctional stuff sack with carrying system.

In addition to its storage and carrying functions, the stuff sack can also be used as a pump, as it has a connector on the base which can be coupled to either of the valves. Once the stuff sack has been connected, you can easily fill it with air to pump up the mat until you have reached the required firmness.

Including repair kit

When products are used extensively, there can be normal wear and tear. Therefore the Dreamzone Premium Duo 10.0 comes with a repair kit to prolong its life.

  • Box shape; vertical side walls ensure an edge to edge sleeping surface
  • Soft touch stretch surface which forms to the body and therefore provides excellent support at every point
  • Large one-way valve for easy inflating and deflating
  • Stuffsack with shoulderstrap for easy carrying and a pump function as an aid for inflation
  • Horizontally cored foam to reduce weight and packing volumeHorizontally cored foam to reduce weight and packing volume
  • Thick foam and an extra broad sleeping surface that comfortably fits two persons
  • PFC-free
  • Product: Self-inflating Sleeping Mat
  • Color code: 450
  • Color: Forest Green
  • Main color: Green
  • Suitable for: Comfortable camping
  • Age category: Grown up
  • Self-inflating: Yes
  • Number of valves: 2
  • Insulation value (R-value): 11
  • Comes with: Pump-stuffsack, repair kit, velcro strap
Measurements & weight
  • Weight: 53
  • Packaged weight: 5400
  • Weight unit: gr
  • Product length/depth: 198
  • Product width: 150
  • Product height: 10
  • Foot width: 150
  • Packaging length/depth: 80
  • Packaging width: 27
  • Packaging height: 27
  • Dimension unit: cm
  • Maximum user weight: 250
  • Weight unit: kg
Material & maintenance
  • Sleeping gear material: Polyester
  • Fabric description: Stretched, soft brushed polyester
  • Top material: 50D Embossed Soft stretched polyester
  • Bottom material: Polyester with non-slip print
  • Foam layer: Lightweight, 2-way horizontally cored, high-density, anti-fungal treatment applied.
  • Warranty: 5 year
  • Valve type: 2 Flat valves with one way function
  • Manual language: English
  • Language on the packaging: English