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Dreamzone Pro XW 10.0 Sleeping Mat | Dark navy


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The multifunctional Dreamzone Pro XW 10.0 is an extra-wide, self-inflating and temperature-regulating sleeping mat. Depending on the temperature you find yourse...

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About this product


The multifunctional Dreamzone Pro XW 10.0 is an extra-wide, self-inflating and temperature-regulating sleeping mat. Depending on the temperature you find yourself in, you can sleep on the summer or autumn side of the Dreamzone Pro XW 10.0. The mat's soft brushed and stretchy top material combined with the 10-centimetre thick foam makes it feel like you're lying on your own mattress at home. Also nice: this Extra Wide version gives you about 10 centimetres more width than the regular Dreamzone. Besides being a sleeping mat for in your tent, the Dreamzone Pro XW 10.0 functions very well as a bed for in your camper(van) or as a guest bed.

The Dreamzone Pro XW 10.0 is a box-type sleeping mat, which means the side walls are completely straight. This allows for optimal use of the sleeping surface of 198 x 76 centimetres, while a second sleeping mat can easily be placed next to it for an 'edge to edge' sleeping experience. The top of the mat is made of soft, stretchy polyester that shapes with your body and thus supports you at all points. The underside of the mat has an anti-slip pattern so that - even if you lie on a more sloping surface - your mat will not slip. 

What is special about the Dreamzone Pro XW 10.0 is that this mat can be used on both sides, depending on the temperature you are in. The autumn side blocks cold air from the ground and retains heat around your body. Are you sleeping in a summer environment? The summer side actually provides ventilation and moisture removal so you sleep comfortably even in the heat. The 10-centimetre thick foam inside the mat has an anti-bacterial treatment which prevents any fungal growth.

This mat has not one, but two handy large valves that allow you to both inflate and deflate the mat. You can use both to deflate your mat in one go, but you can also use one to, for example, add or drain a little air. The valves have 3 positions: closed, half-open or open. You easily turn them to the desired position with your finger. 

After you have rolled up the mat, you can store it compactly using the included compression straps and easily carry it with you in the accompanying multifunctional stuffsack with carrying strap.

Tip: in addition to storage and carrying, the stuffsack can also be used as a pump. The stuffsack contains a connection at the bottom that can be connected to one of the valves. Once the stuffsack is connected, you easily fill it with air and then use it to pump up the mat until you reach the desired thickness. 

At NOMAD, we know that when products are used properly, they sometimes suffer damage. To prolong the life of the Dreamzone Pro XW 10.0, the mat comes with a repair kit as standard. 

  • Temperature regulating foam construction with a summer and an autumn side
  • Stretchy soft touch surface which forms to your body and therefore provides excellent support
  • Box shape with vertical walls for effcient use of the sleeping surface and an edge to edge sleeping experience with a second Dreamzone
  • Large valves with one-way function for easy inflating and deflating
  • Extra wide sleeping surface and 10 cm thick foam for ultimate sleeping comfort
  • Stuffsack with shoulder strap for easy carrying and a pump function as an aid for inflation
  • PFC-free
  • PFC-free
  • Product: Self-inflating Sleeping Mat
  • Color code: 737
  • Color: Dark navy
  • Main color: Blue
  • Suitable for: Comfortable camping
  • Age category: Grown up
  • Mat wideness: Extra Wide
  • Self-inflating: Yes
  • Number of valves: 2
  • Insulation value (R-value): 11
  • Comes with: Pump-stuffsack, repair kit, velcro strap
Measurements & weight
  • Weight: 3325
  • Weight unit: gr
  • Product length/depth: 198
  • Product width: 76
  • Product height: 10
  • Foot width: 76
  • Packaging length/depth: 79
  • Packaging width: 20
  • Packaging height: 20
  • Dimension unit: cm
  • Maximum user weight: 150
  • Weight unit: kg
Material & maintenance
  • Sleeping gear material: Polyester
  • Fabric description: Stretch polyester
  • Top material: 30D Stretched, soft brushed polyester
  • Bottom material: Polyester
  • Foam layer: Horizontally cored, high-density, anti-fungal treatment applied.
  • Warranty: 5 year
  • Valve type: 2 Flat valves with one way function
  • Manual language: English