Comfort temp women in °C

THE COMFORT TEMPERATURE WOMEN is defined as the lowest temperature at which an ‘average’ woman—25 years old, weighing 60 kg and 160 cm tall—can expect to sleep comfortably in a relaxed position. This rating is designed to ensure a comfortable sleep, even for those who are new to using this product.

Comfort temp men in °C

THE COMFORT TEMPERATURE MEN is defined as the lowest temperature at which an ‘average’ adult male (25 yrs. / 70 kg / 173 cm) can expect to sleep comfortably in a relaxed position. This range is designed to ensure a comfortable night's sleep, particularly for those who are not accustomed to colder environments.

Extreme temp in °C

THE EXTREME TEMPERATURE rating is a survival only rating, applicable to an ‘average’ adult. This is the lowest temperature at which the person is expected to survive in a sleeping bag, without necessarily sleeping comfortably. At this temperature, there is a risk of hypothermia if exposed for more than brief periods, and there is also a significant risk of other cold-related injuries such as frostbite.

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Orion 400 Sleeping Bag | Ink


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If you are looking for a warm yet compact and ultra-light mummy sleeping bag that you can take along on your travels, the NOMAD® Orion 400 may be just right for...

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About this product


If you are looking for a warm yet compact and ultra-light mummy sleeping bag that you can take along on your travels, the NOMAD® Orion 400 may be just right for you. This sleeping bag weighs only 860 grams, and thanks to its compact packed size you can easily take it with you in your rucksack. Ideal for backpacking travels, hikes through the mountains or long bicycle rides where every gram counts.

Benefits of the Orion 400 Sleeping Bag:

  • 3D Polardown® and 3D Polardown Plus® filling to keep you warm in temperatures down to at least 3 °C
  • Additional insulation around the chest area
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Treated with the antibacterial Polygiene® technology that keeps the sleeping bag odor-free and fresh for longer
  • Hood with drawstring and padded draught strip along the zipper to keep you snug and warm
  • 2-way zipper for ventilation 
  • Suspension loops to easily air the sleeping bag after use
  • Inside pocket to store valuables
  • 3D foot box for extra footspace and warmth

Quality materials for camping adventures in colder weather

The Orion 400 Sleeping Bag is made from super-light, breathable polyester, which feels soft on the skin. The sleeping bag is filled with a mixture of water-repellent down and synthetic hollow fibre, ensuring outstanding warmth and comfort. We know that it’s usually the arms and feet that get cold fastest when you lie still for a long time, so we have added extra insulation in the chest area of this sleeping bag and designed a '3D foot box' structure to keep your feet warm.


The Orion 400 comes with a comfortable hood and padded neck collar, each with its own pull cord so that they can be tightened independently. By tightening the hood more closely, more warmth can be retained around your head, and the padded neck collar means that valuable body warmth cannot escape through the upper opening. It also keeps the neck nice and warm.

This sleeping bag comes with a handy 2-way zip that can be opened from both ends, which is useful when you need some fresh air around your legs at night. Inside the sleeping bag there's a dedicated compartment for storing small, valuable belongings while you sleep. Need to get up in the dark? No problem, you can always find your zip thanks to the glow-in-the-dark zip pull.

The Orion 400 is finished with a PFC-free coating, giving it water-repellent properties without the use of harmful chemicals. The lining has been treated with Polygiene Stays Fresh® technology. This antibacterial treatment ensures that the sleeping bag remains fresh and free from odours for longer; it also means the bag needs to be washed less frequently.

The Orion 400 can easily be aired after use using the suspension loops at the base of the sleeping bag. It can then be packed in a very compact format using the compression stuffsack supplied. To store the sleeping bag for a longer period, use the roomy, breathable mesh storage bag.

Recommended body length

The recommended maximum body length for this sleeping bag is 190 cm. If you are either smaller or taller, then check out our Orion 400 SC or Orion 400 XL sleeping bags. If you intend to travel in colder regions, our Orion 900 or even 1200 may prove more suitable.

Comfort temperature

Approximate comfort temperatures for the Orion 400 are 3°C for women and -2°C for men. This sleeping bag should never be used at temperatures below -18°C.

  • Wrap around hood
  • Padded neck collar
  • Extra insulation on chest
  • Padded drawcord tunnel
  • 3D padded zipper baffle
  • 2-Way autolock YKK zipper, for extra ventilation
  • Anti-snag zipper construction
  • Chin protection
  • Glow-in-the-dark zipperpuller
  • Inside pocket for valuables
  • Angled 3D footbox construction
  • Hanging loops for airing
  • Product: Mummy Sleeping Bag
  • Suitability for (number of persons): 1
  • Color code: 768
  • Color: Ink
  • Main color: Blue
  • Suitable for: Hiking trekking
  • Age category: Grown up
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Comfort temperature men: -2
  • Comfort temperature women: 3
  • Extreme temperature: -18
  • Temperature unit: °C
  • Zipper postion: Left
  • Comes with: Compression stuffsack and mesh storage bag
Measurements & weight
  • Weight: 72
  • Packaged weight: 860
  • Weight unit: gr
  • Product length/depth: 210
  • Product width: 75
  • Foot width: 45
  • Max body length (cm): 190
  • Zipper length: 155
  • Packaging length/depth: 14
  • Packaging width: 14
  • Packaging height: 25
  • Dimension unit: cm
  • Packaging volume unit: L
  • Fill weight (in grm): 400
  • Cuin / Fillpower: 700
  • Cuin unit: Cuin
Material & maintenance
  • Outer fabric material: Nylon
  • Outer fabric description: 15D Superlight nylon, breathable and with PFC-free water-repellent finish
  • Inner lining material: Nylon
  • Inner Lining description: 15D Superlight soft-touch nylon, breathable and with PFC-free water-repellent and Polygiene® finish
  • Construction: 1-Layer box-wall construction
  • Insulation: 3D-Polardown Plus®(top) + 3D-Polardown®(bottom) with waterproof treatment
  • Filling: Down
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 year
  • Zip-on: No
  • Draft tube: 3D padded drafttube
  • Neckcollar: Neck collar
  • Waterproof: No
  • Quick-drying: No
  • Manual language: English
  • Language on the packaging: English